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We've provided solutions for the scientific community since 1980.

Since 1980, EMSCO Scientific Enterprises, Inc. has proudly provided high quality products and services at competitive prices, to the scientific community. Additionally, our customer service staff and knowledgeable sales team provide friendly, timely and personalized service to our national customer base.

Industries We Serve

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EMSCO Scientific provides a portfolio of chemicals and products to support the production of large and small molecules essential for saving hundrends of thousands of lives throughout the world. Our pharmaceutical excipients undergo stringent cGMP practices ultimately ensuring the highest quality product.

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Safety & Industrial

EMSCO Scientific offers a portfolio of organic and inorganic chemicals and products used in water and waste water technology, petrochemicals, power generation, homelamd security & defense, agriculture, and other government projects. EMSCO Scientific partners with innovative manufacturers to produce the highest quality chemicals needed to meet our customer's changing needs.

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Food & Beverage

EMSCO Scientific provides nutritional minerals and chemicals to support the food & beverage industries. We source hundreds of fine chemical (acids, amino acids, biological buffers, biological reagents, chromatography media, solvents, diagnostic solutions, excipients, HPLE sugars, HPLC solvents & reagents, salts, solvents, sugars, strains, dyes, surfactnts, vitamins & minerals). these superior products meet current FDA requirements and are onf the highest quality available.

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Research & Development

EMSCO Scientific distributes superior laboratory supplies & equipment from some of the world's most respected manufacturers. Our research tools support the bio-pharaceutical and industrial research needs of some of the world's leading innovators in science & technology. Our glass and consumable products are used in cell & tissue culture laboratories, analytical chemistry laboratories, laboratory animal care facilities, genomics, drug discovery, and other scientific settings.

Product Mix


Protective Clothing and Apparel, Gloves, Dust Masks & Respirators, First Aid Kits, Reusable & Disposable Bottles and Jars, pipets & Pipettors, Flasks, Hot Plates, General Lab Ware, Cell Culture, Tissue Culture Products, Bio-production Filtration, Packaging – Bottles, Sample Storage and Much More.


Acids – Amino & Other, Aqueous Solutions, Biological Buffers & Reagents, Chromatography Media & Columns, Solvents, Excipients, HPLC Solvents & Reagents, Salts, General Products, Additional Treatment Products, Compounding Powders, Unit Dose Products, And Much More.


Autoclaves, Baths, Burners, Centrifuges, Crimpers / Decappers, Furnaces, Hoods, Hot Plates, Incubators, Refrigerators & Freezers, Washers, Agitators & Incubators, Blood Bank, Humidity Cabinet, Inoculation Hood, Orbital Shaking Incubator, Vacuum Oven, Water bath, Adapters, Air Purifiers, Decontaminants, DNA / RNA Cleanup Kits, Dissecting Products, Gas Chromatography Systems, and much more.


EMSCO provides Delivery, Storage, Warehouse Management, Stockroom Management and other related services. Our own fleet of vans and trucks ensures speedy delivery of your laboratory supplies and equipment. Additionally, we provide delivery to our national account base through various shipping and overnight carriers.

Sample Manufacturer List


New Leadership, Same Motto:
Service, Price, Quality.

Supra Office Solutions, Inc., (SUPRA) an organically grown, independently operated, full-line provider of: Office Products, Technology Products, Cleaning & Break-Room Supplies & Office Furniture; on Tuesday, April 21, 2015 successfully completed the Acquisition of EMSCO Scientific Enterprises, Inc. (EMSCO), a 35 year old Philadelphia based provider of Laboratory Supplies, Equipment, and Chemicals. EMSCO has also been a supplier to many customers like: Merck Pharmaceutical, The University of Pennsylvania, Penn State University and many other corporate, universities, hospitals and government entities, since its inception, in 1980.

Evalind Minor, the founder, has been fortunate enough to retire, equally fortunate for us, Roderick Clifford, her partner for over 30 years, has provided tremendous insight and support during our leadership transition; and the entire EMSCO staff: customer service, warehouse & delivery staff, remains with us to continue to support the quality service our customers have been accustomed to, from EMSCO, over the years. Please look forward to an enhanced Web Ordering Portal and an easier access to a greater breath of products, and services. EMSCO & SUPRA will continue to operate both businesses separately, while sharing the benefits; from the best each has to offer. 

On behalf of SUPRA and EMSCO’s Executive Management, and EMSCO’s Staff and associates, we are grateful to God, and then to the many individuals that have supported us, along the way. 

Thank You,
Lin Thomas, CEO

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